I help compassionate, highly-driven tech professionals build impactful and sustainable careers and teams.

Why coach with me?

Internationally qualified and certified
  • Certified by the International Coaching Federation, ACC
  • Trained at the University of Cambridge
  • Designing Your Life Certified Coach
  • Member of the Institute of Coaching at Harvard Mclean
Product management & leadership experience
  • Product Director at a mental health start-up
  • Stanford Design School Leadership & Innovation Fellow
  • Track record of building high-functioning teams and consulting HealthTech start-ups on building healthy product, engineering and design systems and teams
  • Bootstrapping the software career support platform for impact driven talen
I'm a compassionate, highly-driven individual myself
  • I know what it's like to have a constant urge to grow and be challenged, and needing to push for change
  • I know what it's like when too much drive leads to burnout and needing to learn how to slow down to speed up 
  • I know what it's like to be values-driven and needing to build up the courage to live by my values

Coaching style


I always start with 'why'. I will ask unbiased questions to help you see things in a different way.


I will guide you to empower yourself and others. To challenge the status quo. To finally be in the driving seat.


I care, and I care deeply. I am a highly sensitive person with an analytical mind. 


I lead with empathy and listen actively to create a safe and supportive space for you.


I will be candid and direct with to make sure that you are getting the most out of coaching.


I will help you stay accountable for your own change and build momentum towards your goals.

My journey as a coach
How one question changed my life.
Growing up, I loved mathematics and I dreamed of becoming a mathematician, but I was told “If you studied maths, you can only become a math teacher.”

I also had a deep desire to help people and wanted to tackle inequities in resources and healthcare access. I pursued Civil and Environmental Engineering, following my family’s footsteps hoping it would enable me to do this work. 

Turns out you need a very different degree for that. 

One day, unfulfilled, I told my roommate passively, “I am so bored”.

She asked me "How are you so bored if you are so busy?" 

This was a pivotal question in my life. 

At that moment, I realised that I’d been driven by the shoulds and musts vs. truly following my curiosity. I was given so much opportunity, yet I was limiting my potential by not having the courage to listen to myself. 

This realisation led me to take ownership of my choices. I went into a long period of exploration, through various courses and doing ten internships. I discovered that I’m driven by bold, mission-driven work, inspired by optimistic entrepreneurs and teams who believe in a better world.

Now, I am in the driving seat of my career. The journey of self-discovery is ongoing. Tuning into my emotions to iterate on how I turn the steering wheel, where I am headed and with whom.
I want to help people more directly.
I have an existential desire to help people. 

While building digital health products, I felt one or two steps removed from the people we’re hoping to impact. 

So I wanted to find ways to see my impact more directly in parallel. One day, I discovered a coaching programme at the University of Cambridge and as I read the description, I realised this is what I needed for myself as a coachee and this is how I want to help others.

As a coachee, coaching brought me so many things. The ability to land a job at a company I care about while utilising my strengths. Knowing how to tune into my intuition. Navigating company politics and standing up to bullies. Knowing my worth. 

This is what I now enjoy bringing to others.

I believe that a sustainable and meaningful career is a key ingredient to a healthy life.

So while compassionate, highly-driven individuals make their mark in the world, I want to make sure they are also taken care of. Building a world where we can do good, while being well and be well by doing good.
I'm here to help you unlock your potential.
We sometimes forget that we are mortal beings. The time that we have on this Earth is more valuable than anything.

What's crazy is: that we don't know how long each of us has on this Earth, and we spend 60-80% of our wake time working. This is why I believe we need to make the most of this valuable time. 

You can enjoy getting out of bed, believe in what you do, lead a lifestyle that you want, and thrive in this world. If something doesn't feel right, let's start looking into the cause, and let's start bringing change.

You have a choice. Yes, it will take time. Yes, it will be hard. Most paths are hard, so choose a path that serves your why. 

I'm here to help you take ownership and be in the driving seat of your career. You will be surprised to see what you can achieve when you build up the courage to listen to yourself and embrace discomfort. 

With coaching, you can unlock the potential in yourself.

Start your journey to a meaningful career.

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